c# boxing and unboxing interview question and answers

What is Boxing and Unboxing?
Boxing - Converting a value type to reference type is called boxing. An example is shown below.
int i = 101;
object obj = (object)i; // Boxing

Unboxing - Converting a reference type to a value typpe is called unboxing. An example is shown below.
obj = 101;
i = (int)obj; // Unboxing

Is boxing an implicit conversion?
Yes, boxing happens implicitly.

Is unboxing an implicit conversion?
No, unboxing is an explicit conversion.

What happens during the process of boxing?
Boxing is used to store value types in the garbage-collected heap. Boxing is an implicit conversion of a value type to the type object or to any interface type implemented by this value type. Boxing a value type allocates an object instance on the heap and copies the value into the new object. Due to this boxing and unboxing can have performance impact.

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