Development --As per Maemo5 desktop widget ui Guidelines

Widgets are installed on the device using a normal Debian application package. As the package information of your desktop widget can be seen in the Application manager (the application used to install widgets), it is recommended to fill in the following information in the package:

• Application name – a descriptive name shown in the application package list view in the Application manager
• Application short description – the first line (or the first 60 characters) of the application description
• Application icon – a base64encoded PNG image (sized 48x48 px). This icon is only shown in the Application manager

Unless the installation script of the widget package contains commands to place the widget on the desktop, users have to manually do so via Edit mode. Since this is an unnecessary step for the user, the installation script should handle the placement automatically. It is also possible to direct the widget onto a specific desktop view; however, the exact placement of the widget cannot be specified in the script.

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