Managing widgets in Maemo5-From Maemo5 Desktop widget UI Guidelines

Maemo 5 contains an Edit mode for desktops for managing screens and widgets. The Edit mode can be accessed via the desktop, by first tapping on the wallpaper to reveal the Edit mode button, as seen
in Figure 2, then tapping on the button itself. Alternatively, the Edit mode can be accessed by long-tapping anywhere on the Desktop, even on widgets.

Figure : Accessing the Edit mode from the Desktop

In Edit mode, users are able to add and remove widgets, reposition them on the screen, drag them to adjacent screens, and configure them (when supported). Widgets are overlaid with removal buttons in their top-right corner, as seen in Figure 3, and, optionally, with configuration buttons in their bottom-left corner.

Figure : Widgets in Edit mode are overlaid with buttons for removal and configuration (when applicable)

Widgets can be added to the screen via the Desktop menu, accessible by tapping anywhere on the title bar of Edit mode. Tapping the Add widget button reveals a list of available widgets, as seen in below fingure. In general, only one instance of a widget may be placed on the entire desktop area – exceptions include Application shortcuts, Web bookmarks, and Contacts.

Figure : List of available widgets

Widgets can be moved to the next or previous screen by dragging them to either edge of the screen, on top of the coloured strips indicating a move area, as shown in Figure below. Once the user’s finger overlaps with the strip, releasing the widget moves it to the adjacent screen.

Figure : Widgets can be moved to adjacent screens by dragging them over the designated move areas

At any given time, users can return to the desktop by tapping the Done button in the top-right corner of the screen. All changes to the desktop are saved automatically.

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