Yahoo final round Technical interview questions and answers

1)When will you use shell script/Perl ahead of C/C++?
2)How does yahoo handles billions of requests, does it create a thread per request or a process?
3)How does HTTP works?
Solution :HTTP Is a request-response protocol.
For example, a Web browser initiates a request to a server, typically by opening a TCP/IP connection. The request itself comprises o a request line, o a set of request headers, and o an entity. The server sends a response that comprises o a status line, o a set of response headers, and o an entity. The entity in the request or response can be thought of simply as the payload, which may be binary data. The other items are readable ASCII characters. When the response has been completed, either the browser or the server may terminate the TCP/IP connection, or the browser can send another request.
4)How to count number of unique music titles downloaded from a log file which contains an entry of all music title downloaded?
5)What is the difference between COM and CORBA?

Solution :COM is linked to Microsoft and CORBA to UNIX,Moreover, COM objects require installation on the machine from where it is being used .CORBA is ORB (Object request broker) , and also its a specification owned by OMG, which is open. Not owned by a company. So we cannot say that it only belongs to Unix. Corba servers can run on windows NT, and CORBA clients can run on Unix.

6)What is web service?
Solution :Web Service is defined as "a software system designed to support interoperable Machine to Machine interaction over a network." Web services are frequently just Web APIs that can be accessed over a network, such as the Internet
, and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services.

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