Siebel Interview Questions

Siebel Interview Questions and Answers
What is the use of catch in escript? 
How do you create extension table to an interface table in Siebel?
Why is it not recommended to modify existing base tables? 
What is the relationship between a view and a b/o?
How does your b/c and view related?
What do you mean by virtual business comp. in Siebel?
What is the new layer in Siebel 7.x version? 
How is tools architecture constructed in in Siebel?
How is the opportunity related to an account? 
What is position type field in position applet?         
What happens if you create an employee in Siebel application and forget to create 
How do you set up employees in Siebel?
How do you assign responsibilities to employees in Siebel?
What does position represents in Siebel? 
What is the difference between an organization and division in Siebel?
What is an extension table and how is it related to base table?
Can you create an extension table with an intersection table? 
What is constrainted picklist? Where you will drop the constraints?  
How will you edit the joined fields values in join?        

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