Civil Engineer Interview Questions

Civil Engineer Interview Questions
1.What is isoseismal?
2.why the brick is red in colour?
4.what is bolt value?
5.What is the min. compressive strength of a brick according to IS codes ?
6.what is the lap length for pile reinforcement cage in water piling?
7.what are the checks to be performed while fixing a door and a window site?
8.What should be percentage of silt content in sand?
9.What do u mean by elongation & flakiness of aggregate?
10.According to you, what is the best design for building bridges?
11.What are all the new civil construction materials and concepts?
12.What is softsoil?
13.Explain your project management?
14.What are the CAD software versions you have used?
15.What are some of the different ways to lay a foundation?
16.Why is a manhole round?
17.What is earth?
18.What are the causes of building collapse?
19.What are the applications of modulus of elasticity?
20.What is the difference between routing maintenance and major maintenance in school facilities?
21.How are freeway bridges built?
22.What is the difference between absorption & adsorption and sorption?
23.How do you measure concrete?
24.Which is stronger solid steel rod or hollow steel pipe?
25.What is the tallest man made structure in the world?
26.What are the uses of alloys in daily life and how are alloys made?
27.What is the worlds largest concrete dam?
28.What is braced excavation all about?
29.What is the meaning of soil reinforcement?
30.What is aggregate?
31.What year was the keystone power plant in Indiana County constructed?
32.What is the force exerted by the Tacoma narrows bridge?
33.How do you calculate the power of a centrifugal pump?
34.Why nautical mile is different from statute mile?
35.What is rigging?
36.What is absolute pressure?
37.How do we calculate absolute pressure?
38.What is Gravity flow?
39.What is horizon or horizontal mining?
40.What is the difference between engineering stress and true stress?
41.What is a kip?
42.What are some structures that may be subjected to fatigue?
43.Will going from a 3-tap to 6-tap increase water pressure?
44.Why does the pressure increase under soil?
45.What is the distance between railway tracks?
46.How high should the water tank be to provide a 60 PSI at base of this water tower?
47.What are the reasons for geotechnical site investigations in Uganda?
48.What do you mean by honeycomb in concrete?
49.What is the purpose of the gap in the road on this bridge?
50.What is the tensile strength of wood?
51.How many Lbs are there in a yard?
52.What is a projection line?
53.What are moment of inertia and its importance in civil engineering?
54.What is the origin of name Railway Sleepers?
55.What is BMC stands for in BMC Software?
56.Does brick grows bigger every year.
57.How did street originate in the plumbing term street ell?
58.What is the absolute pressure scale?
59.What is the difference between QA and QC?
60.How did the Romans get water up hills using aqua ducts?
61.Will Water damage concrete?
62.How do you determine Specific gravity of cement?
63.What is the meaning of a blue land surveyors flag?
64.What are advancements in civil engineering?
65.Why is the statue of liberty made of copper?
Are cruise ships built for the transatlantic run?
What is diversion tunnel in a dam?
What distance in meters on the ground is the equivalent of one second of arc in longitude or latitude?
How do you maintain water pressure?
What are some facts about concrete?
Who designed the city of Washington DC?
Where is the worlds longest elevator and how long is it?
How many kilo-Newtons equals 1000 kilogram?
How is the Leaning Tower of Pisa supported?
What does civil engineering mean?
How long does it take concrete to harden?
How does siphoning work?
Why was the Empire State Building made of steel?
What is the quantity of cement in Mix M20 concrete?
What is unit weight of normal concrete?
What is the difference between shear and tensile strength?
How many Pyramid in Egypt?
Would you cause a 55-gallon drum of water to weigh more by climbing in?
Who built the sears tower?
At what point does a circle start losing area when being flattened?
How do you compute volume of airflow?
What is made from large rocks, which protects the base of cliffs?
What is made from large rocks, which protects the base of cliffs?
What are the materials used in building a gravity dam?
How many feet are in 4 square yards?
What black man invented the clothes dryer?
What is the average density of soil?
What glue is least sticky?
What are the strongest shapes in building?
Which architectural movement is also known as Jazz Moderna?
What is the withdrawal force of steel nails?
What is the strongest bridge for a school contest?
What is the formula for figuring out how many gallons of water are in a pipe by the foot?
What is the tensile strength of marble?
Did any of the Egyptian pyramids ever fall down?
Can a wave happen in the middle of the ocean like in the movie Poseidon 2006?
What materials were used to build the Golden Gate Bridge?
What is the density of most of construction materials?
How and where are aqueducts built?
What does civil status mean?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of lead products in construction?
How do you measure water flowing through 300mm diameter pipes?
Explain the various stages of the project planning process in construction.
How do you convert wind speed into force?
What is kn measurement?
What are the advantages of building a dam on the river Nile?
How much does the leaning tower of Pisa lean?
What is the best type of wood glue?
What are the uses of Groynes?
What are the functions of a column in a building?
What is an ice dam sock?
What Tor stands for in Tor steel?
When was the first motorway built in England?
Define Modulus of Elasticity.
What is the chemical composition of cement?
What is tensile strength?
Which is the world's largest hydroelectric project?
Explain soil analysis.
What are the points in the stress strain curve for mild steel?
What are building codes?
What is fire resistance rating?
What are tectonic plates?
What is the Richter scale?
Water observation capacity of sand?
Minimum crushing Strength of sand?
Water absorption for stone?
Any book or article on pumped concrete?
Tell density of steel, concrete, bricks,sand and aggregates?
what is knife test for wooden doors?
what is the meaning of term abrasion? what is tested in it?
why pile foundation is provided in BCS?
By total station what activities can be performed and on what principle it works?
What is creep?
What is the definition of Quality Reporting?
Are you good at detailing and explain about the project you have worked on detailing?
Do you have Structural design experience?
Project management and planning experience ?
Demonstrated work experience with Interior Design and/or Architectural Firms?
Did you handle any interior designing jobs?
Are you comfortable with formal design concepts in the home furnishings area?
Knowledge of CAD software and the versions you have used?
How did you reach your thesis design concept?
What was your synopsis for thesis topic?
What is coping?
What is softsoil? what kind of foundation?
What is pile foundation?
Which one is comfortable for you to handle small or large scale projects?
What is stagging?
What is composite massonary and how is bonding done for it?
What is the differance between Load and Force?
Define Orientation of building?
State the different types of foundation and different types of piles?
What is the differance between wind and earthquake spectrum?
How to increase bearing capacity of soil?
What is the best book for building construction?
What is Blended Cement?
What is the minimum length of the wall after which expansion joint is to be provided?
What are the differences between pc-dmis and camio studio. can someone also tell me which is recommended?
What is the quickest method to find slope and deflection of beam?
What is quick method to find slope and deflection for a beam?
What is shear wall?
What is the soil bearing capacity?
what is a louer? and for which purpose it will be used?
what is the load acting on the sides of the water tank?

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