RF Engineer Interview Questions

RF Engineer Interview Questions
1.What’s the relation between dB and change of signal?
2.What is noise figure?
3.Describe VC?
4.What’s the 911 pint?
5.What is the filters function?
6.What is VSWR?
7.What is Skin effect?
8.What des balanced amplifier consist of?
9.What’s the 911 pint?
10.What’s a superheterodyne receiver?
11.What’s the definition of gain?
12.What is Insertion loss?
13.What is Thermal impedance?
14.Describe an impedance matching circuit?
15.Name some band definitions.
16.What’s the definition of gain?
17.What’s a definition of an amplifier?
18.What is Insertion Loss?
19.What is Thermal impedance?
20.What’s an octave?
21.What’s a decade?
22.What’s the job f the amplifier?
23.What is Skin effect?
24.What’s a PCB?
25.What is VSWR?
26.Name some band definitions?
27.What is circular polarization?
28.What’s a definition of an amplifier?
29.What is noise figure?
30.What’s a transfer curve?
31.What’s an octave?
32.What is a decade?
33.What’s saturation pint?
34.Describe circular plarizatin
35.What is the filters function?
36.What’s the job of the amplifier?
37.What filter types are there?
38.What’s a transfer curve?
39.What’s saturation pint?
40.What does balanced amplifier consist of?
41.What filter types are there?
42.What are saw filters used far?
43.What are mixers used for?
44.Who is responsible for PLLs?
45.What is meant by insertion loss?
46.Define thermal impedance?
47.Draw and explain an impedance matching circuit?
48.What do you mean by PCB?
49.Tell abut some band definitions?
50.What do you mean by an amplifier?
51.Describe an octave?
52.Describe a decade?
53.What do you understand by circular polarization?
54.Use of an amplifier?
55.Importance of a transfer curve?
56.What is the function of mixers?
57.What is the advantage of saw filters?
58.Explain the various types of filters?
59.What do you mean by saturation point?
60.What does balanced amplifier consist f?
61.What are PLLs?
62.What is the way to realize broadband antenna matching?
63.Where is the 50 ohm pint?
64.Where is the short?
65.Where is a pen?
66.If I start from here X hw would you match t 50 ohm?
67.what is skin effect and what is the frequency limit for transmission line t behave the skin effect?
68.Describe VC?
69.What’s a superheterodyne receiver?
70.What are mixers used for?
71.What are saw filters used for?
72.What filter types are there?
73.What is the filters function?
74.What does balanced amplifier consist of?
75.What’s saturation pint?
76.What’s the 911 pint?
77.What’s a transfer curve?
78.What is noise figure?
79.What’s the job of the amplifier?
80.Describe circular polarization
81.Describe an impedance matching circuit?
82.What is VSWR?
83.What is Skin effect?
84.What’s a decade?
85.What’s an octave?
86.What’s the relation between dB and change of signal?
87.what could be the RMS value and average value of a 4 phase sine wave?
88.what is the working principle of energy saver control panel. please give the complete calculation & theory?
89.If 11 KV breaker on the primary side of a 11 KV/3.3 KV 12.5 MVA transformer can be installed at a distance of 1000 mtrs through a 11 KV cable. If no what are the probable reasons?
90.what are the differences between 'exhaust fan', 'heavy-duty exhaust fan' & 'super heavy duty exhaust fan'. what are their power ratings ?
91.why the arc welding machines require parallel earthing systems? ie why each machines are connected to earth pit by separate wires during earthing? wats it adavantages?
92.what is your experience in developing technical specifications?
94.How can determine cable size with respect to cable length and area in mm2
95.why we use log files in QTP?
96.why various test are performed on electrical panels & power cables before commissioning on site & what are these test???
97.why do power factor in the three phase induction motor increases with the load ?
98.Defination of controlled shunt reactor?
99.Frequency at which VOICE is sampled is?
100.What is Word alignment?
101.Time taken for 1 satellite hop in voice communication is?
102.When a C function call is made, the order in which parameters passed to the function are pushed into the stack is?
103.What is the type of signaling used between two exchanges?
104.What is Buffering?
105.When the set header api is used to set the header value of ALLOW header field with the value "454467". Should the SipServer set that value in the next outgoing message?(SIP test case)?
106.A 2MB PCM(pulse code modulation) has how many voice channel and signal channel?
107.Max number of satellite hops allowed in voice communication is ?
108.What is the maximal decimal number that can be accommodated in a byte?
109.Where the Conditional results after execution of an instruction in a micro processor is stored in?
110.What is the Purpose of PC(Program Counter) in a MicroProcessor?
111.What action is taken when the processor under execution is interrupted by a non-maskable interrupt?
112.To send a data packet using datagram , which connection will be established?

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