Testing Interview Question Part -3

Testing Interview Question Part -3
276.Testing Life Cycle and Software Development Life Cycle:
277.What is the difference between Testing Life Cycle and Software Development Life Cycle?
278.Types of Reviews:
279.What are the different types of reviews and explain?
280.Difference between alpha Testing and beta testing?
281.What are the main elements of a test plan? What relates to training? What is the objectif?
282.Test 5 Screens of an Application:
283.What type of testing you can do? When we gave you 5 screens and, How can you test that application?
284.Minimum Requirement to start Testing:
285.What is the minimum requirement to start testing?
286.Your Customer does not know How to write UAT documents How will you Handle this situation?
287.How do you use boundary value analysis testing for evaluating the password ?
288.How would you prioritise your test and why?
289.What is the most important thing in a test case?
290.What is the difference between path coverage and branch coverage?
291.Explain differance between ramdom testing and error guessing?
292.What is synchronization and what is the difference between synchronization and wait?
293.What is meant by boundary value analysis and Equivalence partitioning?
294.What is a test scenario and test condition. What is the basic difference between the two ?
295.What is ithe significance of v-model in software testing?
296.What is Alpha testing and Beta testing?
297.What is importance of UNIX shell scripting in Testing and How to test UNIX platforms ?
298.What is the difference between Smoke Testing and Adhoc Testing and if you are doing Smoke Testing then why Adhoc Testing?
299.What is Test Objective?
300.What is meant by domain? What is domain testing?
301.Difference between equivalence and boundary value analysis?
302.What is testing methodology?Is retesting is regression testing or its a part of regression?
303.Difference between static and dynamic testing? Is dynamic is functional?What is Spiral Model?Difference between spiral model, v model and waterfall model?
304.How can we do automation Testing with Alpha, Beta and UAT ?
305.At what stage the unit testing has to be done?
306.What are the risks involved in testing?
307.What are the difference between sanity and smoke testing?
308.What is Defect Density and How can we calculate Defect Density ?
309.What is the difference between Test Case and Test Script ?
310.In a Test Plan, the Features to be Tested and the Features not to be tested are generally included, is there any rationale behind why this should be or should not be included ina Test Plan?
311.What is the difference between usability testing & user acceptance testing?
312.Wat is smoke testing?
313.What is Test Automation?
314.What is path coverage?
315.What are the docs required for Performance Testing?
316.What is the final Stage of Integration Testing?
317.Is the Static testing a functional testing?
318.Can the static testing be done for both Web & Client Server Application?
319.How do you determine What is to be tested?
320.List the Testing types, Testing methodologies, Testing Techniques and Testing Levels. How are all these inter-related or placed under the overall Software Testing Process.
321.Why is testing done? Why does QC perform testing? How if testing diff from Internal Review and peer level revew? When to stop testing?
322.What are main 5 types of test metrics? Explain in brief?
323.What is Cyclomatic complexity?
324.What is the testing lifecycle and explain each of its phases?
325.What is the meaning of defect?
326.What is a test case identifier?
327.What do you mean by testcase template? what its contains?
328.What are the difference steps followed for web based and windows based application in manual testing?What is Validation and Verification?Which test/tool is followed in Validation n Verification?
329.Can you define and execute test cases?
330.Can you explain testing options, and defend a position on your strategy?
331.What is usage of spiral model?
332.What is meant by crs&urs explain breifly?
333.Which testing methology are u used in ur projectand what differnet methologies do u know?
334.What is the difference between smoke testing and the built testing?what is adhoc testing?DIFF between revision and version?
335.Control flow loop can be executed () or more times reveal loop defects executes the loop body?
336.In V model, testing is carried parellely in the Requirements gathering, Design stages. can i know what is the role of testers in this stage and How is it done?
337.What is testing methodalogy and testing techiniques can any one explain with examples?
338.What is diff b/w test case and test plan say for example we have to test the Admin loginwhat are the relative test plan and test case to be made?
339.What is the diff between web based n client server appln?
340.What are the components of defect?
341.What metrics would u collect from the test process and why?
342.Can u tell me about Use case and its templates ?How Use case is useful ?
343.Which model is best in Waterfal, Prototype, Spiral and why?
344.What is the difference bw water fall model, prototype model,spiral modal?
345.How a tester will convince to a developer that the bug assigned to the developer is a bug?
346.What are the components of Test Matrix?
347.What is checklist in the context of review?Is it follow some specific standard to create checklist or is it project/module specific?
348.What are the components of traceability matrix?
349.What are the key factors tester keep in mind before writing test case. Please give examples of any particular test case.?
350.Why V-model is called as V-model?
351.How many pages test strategy did you write?
352.Have been any situation that you didn't like?
353.If you were asked to change about yourself, what would be?
354.Have you done anything that makes you happy?
355.You are 5 testers in a team and got the requirements. What you will do?
356.After all the testing has been done, what will be the next?
357.Have you writen any test cases that didn't run?
358.Unit testing comes under which testing technique?
359.Define quality in testing?
360.What's contain on the test strategy?
361.What is Thinktime? What is Prevention Testing?
362.What is the differnece between Quality Analysis and Quality Control?
363.Differentiate fault and failure?
364.Differentiate product maturity model and capability maturity model?
365.Explain with ex. a product based company and service based company?
366.What is a monkey testing, guerilla testing?
367.How do you configure Bugzilla?
368.What documents are prepared by a QA person and a tester during each SDLC phasesuch as what do both the QA person and tester do during the requirements phase, analysis phase, design phase etcwho prepares the test cases QA person or tester?
369.What is the difference between Test Bed and Test Harness?
370.How u prepare Test Data? Is it from Functional Requirements?
371.What do u mean by Masked Defect?
372.what is the methodologies used in writing test cases?2. How do you test the database in your prject?
373.How do you configure Bugzilla?
374.What is V&V concept?.
375.Is retesting is a part of regression testing or regression testing is a part of retesting?
376.How can you take snapshot/screen shots in case of manual testing and How can you attach it to the test case?
377.What is the difference between SRS and BRS?
378.How do you access your build in the application?
379.Can anyone tell me what is meant by Metrics? Or more specifically, what are the Metrics in testing?
380.What is accessibility testing?
381.Two Years Back You developed an application in your company. Now Company lost all Documentum about that Project, except Test Scripting. Will you able retrive the document using Test Script ?
382.What is the difference between authorization and authentication?
383.In bug life cycle which what are the activites between new and assigned states?
384.Can you please explain these different approaches of testing a distributed system to me?- Simulation-based- Fault Injection-based- Scenario-based- Risk-based- Temporal-basedWhat are they good for? when to apply each of them?
385.What is difference between Integration testing & Inter system testing?
386.How will you know whether your reported defect accepted are rejected?
387.What is TC code SE16 and it's use?
388.Which is better coverage method? and whats the difference between path coverage and branch coverage?
389.What is entrance and exit criteria for testing?
390.What is FURPS?take an example of yahoo login screen and explain?
391.What types of tests comes under black box testing?
392.What is meat by error feeding?
393.In a company if you don't have hard core written Sytem requirements and the product keep on changing,new feeatures are added without testers knowledge ,in such situation How do you test applications?
394.What is entry and exit criteria of a test plan?
395.At what stage of Software development life cycle we can start writing Master Test Plan? Is it Testing stage or at design stage or specification & requirement analysis phase?
396.What is compliance testing?
397.Give an example of a bug having high severity and low priority ?
398.What is the difference between CMM & CMMI?
399.What is the difference between Quality in fact and quality in perception?
400.If automating - what is your process for determining what to automate and in what order?
401.What is the difference between system testing and functional testing?
402.How do you test if you have minimal or no documentation about the product?
403.How would test Internet explorer given the condition that you dont have any documents??
404.How would uplan ur testcases? what type of testcases are expected?? example?
405.What is testing life cycle what are all the stages involved in the testing life cycle?
406.What is grey box testing??
407.What is ticketing or error raising process?
408.What are \'Zero\' Tests?
409.How can we make a connection establishment b/w C#.net and Postgres server?
410.What is monkey testing?
411.What is bad defect?
412.What is integration test plan?
413.Explain security related things are to be considered in Banking domin?
414.What is the difference between UAT and system testing?i think no difference
415.What is contained in srs?,give a sample srs.what is cohesive testing and span control?
416.What is Difference Between QA plan and Test Plan?
417.What is the Test server?
418.What are all the key factors to write system test plan?
419.How to perform integration testing on a web application? What are the considerations? Detailed pls/
420.If you have an application, but you do not have any requiremnts available, then How would you perform?
421.How can you know if a test case is necessary?
422.What is peer review in practical terms?
423.How do you know when you have enough test cases to adequately test a software system or module?
424.Who approved your test cases?
425.What will you when you find a bug?
426.What test plans have you written?
427.What is QA? What is Testing? Are they both same or different?
428.How to write Negative Testcase?Give ex?
429.In an application currently in production, one module of code is being modified. Is it necessary to/
430.What is included in test strategy?What is overall process of testing step by step and what are various?
431.What is the most challenging situation you had during testing?
432.What are you going to do if there is no Functional Spec or any documents related to the system and developer
433.What is the major problem did you resolve during testing process
434.What are the types of functional testing?
435.What is the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing
436.What is Random Testing?
437.What is smoke testing?
438.What is stage containment in testing?
439.What are the steps in volved in sanity testing?
440.How do we do calculation testing in banking ferm?
441.What is the Difference Between Rational Robot & WinRunner ?
442.What is the testing process?
443.What is the difference between testing and quality assurance (QA)?
444.Difference between QA and QC?
445.What is the difference between retest and regression testing?
446.What is the difference between bug priority & bug severity?
447.What kinds of testing do you know? What is it system testing? What is it integration testing?
448.What is a bug? What types of bugs do you know?
449.What is defect density?
450.How would you test a mug (chair/table/gas station etc.)?
451.What is considered a successful test?
452.What bug tracking system did you use?
453.When does testing begin - requirements, plan, design, code / testing phase?
454.Could you test a program 100%? 90%? Why?
455.What is the difference between testing and debugging?
456.How would you conduct your test?
457.Have you used automatic testing tools. Which ones?
458.How would you build a test with WinRunner? Rational Visual Test?
459.What is considered a good test?
460.How would you conduct a test: top-down or down-top? What is it? Which one is better?
461.How to develop a test plan ? How to develop a test case?
462.How do you see a QA role in the product development life cycle?
463.What is the size of your executable?
464.What version of Oracle database did you use?
465.How would you execute a SQL query in Oracle 8?
466.What version of OS were you using?
467.Have you tested front-end of back-end?

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