Convergys Advanced java Interview Questions

Convergys Company Advanced java Interview Questions
1) How many Drivers are there in Jdbc? Which Driver we are using in your project?

2) Can you write the code for Connecting the database?

3) What is Connection pooling mechanism? How we can implement?

4) Difference between Statement and PreparedStatement?

5) What is Callable Statement?

6) What is Servlet Life Cycle?

7) If iam sending the request at in servlet life cycle which method will be called?

8) What is the difference between Forward and include Mechanisms?

9) What is the difference between Forward and SendRedirect Mechanisms?

10) What is the difference between Servlet Config and servlet Context?

11) What are the Implicit objects in jsp?

12) How we can Handle the Exceptions in Jsp?

13) What are the scopes in jsp?

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