Service Marketing Interview Questions

Service Marketing Interview Questions
  1. What is difference between marketing of service and product?
  2. What is the important factor in service marketing?
  3. What are the charachterstics of service?
  4. How do you differentiate services?
  5. What are the different types of pricing under various situations?
  6. Is it easy to do marketing service?
  7. What is the demand of our product service and how will you manage that?
  8. Do you any idea about our company service?
  9. Why our company service varies from others?
  10. What is pricing strategies?
  11. Who is our compeititors?
  12. If the price of our service is high how will you get the customer?
  13. What are the softwares required for our service?
  14. How will you treat the customer?
  15. Do you have experience in service sector?
  16. What is the basic difference between your past company and our company?
  17. Will you keep in the contact with customer?
  18. How many contacts do you have in this service sector?
  19. Is there any government limitations for our service?

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