TCS Java Interview Questions Asked

TCS Java Interview Questions Asked
1. Tell me about your Second project and draw its architecture?

2. Explain about Oops?

3. Encapsulation is keyword or class or interface?

4. How many ways are possible to create a Thread ? which way is better?

5. Explain about Servlets? what are the life cycle methods explain?

6. Among Servlets and JSPs which is better? Where JSP Technology is best suitable.

7. Tell me about jsp Elements?

8. What is difference b/w scriptlet and declaration?

9. Explain about struts flow?

10. What are Action classes available in struts?

11. What is DispatchAction? where did you use in your project? where it configure write code?

12. How to write form bean tags in your struts-configuration file?

13. I have 4 action classes i want get second action class how can i get it? where are you configure? can u write code ?

14. Explain about SingleThreadModel in servlets?

15. Explain about collection overview?

16. What is difference b/w HashMap and Hashtable?

17. What is differance b/w ArrayList and Vector?

18. What are methods available in Collection interface?

19. What is serialization? How can you achieve it?where you used in your project?

20. What is Marker interface?

21. How can you achieve encapsulation your project?

22. Explain about Spring?

23. What is difference b/w Arrays and Collections?

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