Top Salesforce interview questions and answers

Top Salesforce interview questions and answers

1. What is Salesforce ?

Salesforce is Customer relationship management (CRM) software that is available to users as a software as a service (SaaS) application.

2. What is App in Salesforce?

In Sales force an App is a group of tabs that work as a unit to provide functionality. Users can switch between multiple apps using the app drop-down menu at the top-right corner of every page.
You can customize your existing apps to match the way you work, or build new apps by grouping standard and custom tabs.
You can create a new app by clicking Setup ->Build ->Create->App-> Click on new from navigation.

3. What is the benefit of Salesforce CRM ?

Below are top benefits of using Salesforce CRM
It Ensures faster and better sales opportunity
Reducing cost and improving customer satisfaction level
Deploying an analytical approach to customer acquisition
Automation of repetitive tasks.

4. Explain Opportunity in Salesforce ?

An opportunity is a potential revenue-generating event. May be associated with accounts and contacts.

5. How many workflow rules can you create per entity ?

You can generate 25 workflow rules per entity.

6. How many relationships are included in SFDC ?

There are two important relationships in Salesforce. They are
Lookup relationship
Master detail relationship

7.List the various types of Reports available in Salesforce ?

In Salesforce four types of reports are available they are as follows .
Tabular report : In this the grand total is displayed in a table format.
Matrix report : An in-depth report wherein the there is both row –based and column-based grouping.
Summary report : A report in which the grouping is on the column basis.
Joined report : A joining of two or more reports into one

8. How can you create Many to Many relationship in salesforce ?

We can create many to Many relationship in salesforce by using junction object. Junction object is a custom object with two master detail relationships.

9. List the various object relations are available Salesforce ?

There are three types of object realations are available in Salesforce , they are
One to many.
Many to many.
Master detail

10. Explain “Lookup Relationship” in Salesforce ?

Lookup relationship links two objects in Salesforce .
25 Lookup relationship are allowed for an object
Parent field is not required.
There is no impact on deletion.
Can be multiple layers deep.
Lookup field is not required.
No impact on a security and access.

11. Explain “Master-Detail Relationship” in Salesforce ?
Master-Detail Relationship is the Parent child relationship. In which Master represents Parent and detail represents Child.In this relationship,if parent is deleted then Child also gets deleted.
Rollup summary fields can only be created on Master records which will calculate the SUM, AVG, MIN of the Child records.
Up to 2 Master-Detail Relationships are allowed to an object.
Parent field on child is required.
Access to parent determines access to children.
Deleting parent automatically deletes child.
A child of one master detail relationship cannot be the parent of another.
Lookup field on page layout is required.

12. What is Case in Salesforce ?
In Salesforce Case is a detailed description of a customer’s problems, questions, and feedback. Usually associated with accounts and contacts.

13. Can a dependent field be a controlling field as well in Salesforce ?
Yes, a controlling field Can a dependent field in Salesforce.

14. What data types are supported by External ID’s in ?
Text, Email, Number .

15. How many days are are items saved in the recycle bin of Salesforce ?
Fifteen items are saved in the recycle bin of Salesforce.

16. What are Standard Fields in Salesforce ?
Standard Fields are predefined fields in Salesforce, cannot be deleted, can be removed from a page layout, and can have limited customizations: changing labels, adding help text, adding/editing values in picklists, adding/editing lookup filters, setting field history tracking, changing the format of auto-number fields.

17. What is Field-Level Security in Salesforce ?
Field-Level Security defines user ability to view and edit fields in Salesforce, helps enforce data security, helps ensure that users view only relevant data. This affects list views, search results, and reports.

18. Explain Campaign in Salesforce ?
Campaigns are marketing projects that you plan, manage, and track within Salesforce. May have related leads and contacts, shown as campaign members, and opportunities.

19. What are the different editions of Salesforce?
Enterprise, Group, Unlimited, Professional, and Developer editions

20. How many Custom Objects you can create in Enterprise Edition ?
You can create 200 custom objects in Enterprise Edition.

21. Types of Sand boxes available
1)Developer Sandbox
2)Developer pro sandbox
3)Partial data sandbox
4)Full copy sandbox