Resignation faq questions

Resignation faq questions
What is a resignation letter?
A resignation letter is a formal document in which the author makes his/her official resignation from a position or office. It is usually handled to a direct supervisor.
Why should I always hand in a resignation letter?
First of all: to keep good relations with the employer and organization you have been working with in order to keep certain benefits intact (letters of recommendation, references, etc.).
Even though an oral resignation may be acceptable in some instances, a resignation letter can be filed by both the employer and the employee and be used for legal reasons if required.
Resignation letters are also important because the employee can use them to anticipate the date when he/she is definitely leaving the position, thus, giving the employer the time to find an appropriate replacement.
How should I write a resignation letter?
There are many ways to write one, depending on the circumstances and the job you are resigning from, however, there are specific details and information that cannot be missing from a resignation letter. Check our Resignation letter samples if you want to make your own letter easily.
Something to keep in mind is that a resignation letter has to be as brief and simple as possible, in order to make its purpose clear. It is also important, because of politeness, to include a thank-you note and to include the final date of work at the company/organization.
Always write your letter in neutral English, this is, very formal English.
Should I mention my reasons to resign?
Not necessarily. Whenever you are resigning because of a problem at the company it is better not to include it in the letter; in case you feel like talking about it then do it in private. It is very acceptable to include your reasons in the letter when they are positive ones (a better opportunity, an important trip, etc.) but not mandatory.

Resignation letter Model

Resignation letter Model
Name of Recipient
Title and Company Name
City and Zip Code

Salutation (Dear Mr. Pratt,)

Paragraph 1:
Here you should include the purpose of the letter (resignation), and to include the last date you expect to work.

Paragraph 2:
Here you should let the company know why you decided to quit.

Paragraph 3: Here, thank the company and employer (for their time, the given opportunity, things you´ve learnt, etc.) and make sure the employer knows you will do whatever needed from you in order to hand over the position and to train your replacement if required.

Closing (Yours, Truly yours, sincerely, sincerely yours, very sincerely yours, regards, best regards,)

Your handwritten signature
Your name
Your position

Cc: write down a list of names of the people that will also get this letter.

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Core interfaces of Hibernate framework

Core interfaces of Hibernate framework
The five core interfaces are used in just about every Hibernate application. Using these interfaces, you can store and retrieve persistent objects and control transactions.
* Session interface
* SessionFactory interface
* Configuration interface
* Transaction interface
* Query and Criteria interfaces

QT Interview Questions Nokia

QT Interview Questions Nokia
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2) If worked with GTK what is the difference between QT and GTK?
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5) What is dpointer?
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8) What is a slot? And how it differs with callback Method?
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10) How many signals at maximum you can connect to a single slot? If more than one how you can do that?
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(The order of execution)
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