QT Interview Questions Nokia

QT Interview Questions Nokia
1) How qt differs from other mobile development platforms like android?
2) If worked with GTK what is the difference between QT and GTK?
3) What are the striking futures of QT?
4) What is Qpointer?
5) What is dpointer?
6) What is MVC architecture? How it is organized?
7) What is a signal? And how will it differ from event?
8) What is a slot? And how it differs with callback Method?
9) What is the difference between signal and slot mechanism and Callback mechanism of GTK?
10) How many signals at maximum you can connect to a single slot? If more than one how you can do that?
11) How many slots can you connect to a signal? If more than one how those slots will be executed?
(The order of execution)
12) What is QCast and how will it differ compared to c++’s dynamic cast?
13) What is the use of Q_OBJECT macro?
14) What is MOC and UIC? Explain how they will work for compilation in QT?
15) What is qmake? (Explain the usage of it)
16) How a QT Program/Application written for one platform (Symbian) can be ported/executed in another platform (Maemo)? (Explain If you need to make any changes or you need to recompile)
17) What are all the platforms/OS currently QT supports?

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