Resignation letter Model

Resignation letter Model
Name of Recipient
Title and Company Name
City and Zip Code

Salutation (Dear Mr. Pratt,)

Paragraph 1:
Here you should include the purpose of the letter (resignation), and to include the last date you expect to work.

Paragraph 2:
Here you should let the company know why you decided to quit.

Paragraph 3: Here, thank the company and employer (for their time, the given opportunity, things you´ve learnt, etc.) and make sure the employer knows you will do whatever needed from you in order to hand over the position and to train your replacement if required.

Closing (Yours, Truly yours, sincerely, sincerely yours, very sincerely yours, regards, best regards,)

Your handwritten signature
Your name
Your position

Cc: write down a list of names of the people that will also get this letter.

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