Cisco Certification interview questions

Cisco Certification interview questions
  1. Which level of examination are you taking? Why this particular level?
  2. Have you received training in CISCO skills prior to this? Was that training secured by your engineering institution?
  3. Are you aware of the various levels of CISCO certification? Can you explain the difference between an entry level certification and an associate certification?
  4. How would you define the requirements of a CCNA wireless certification process? Expand CCDA.
  5. Give some examples of retired certifications. What is the process for obtaining a new certification for those who hold retired certifications?
  6. Give a brief outline of your academic qualification till date? How would you regard it as relevant to the examination you are taking now? Has it prepared you sufficiently to face the challenges this certification examination involves?
  7. Which organization conducts the CISCO tests?
  8. What does basic network security encompass?
  9. Which individual stream would you like to specialize in as far as further CISCO certifications are concerned? Explain your choice briefly?
  10. Is a CCNA certification required for a CCDA certification examinee? What is CISCO’s preference regarding this? Why do you think this is the case? How does the situation change when one is applying for a CCNP certification?

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