C and Cpp interview questions faqs

  1. What do you understand from C and C++? Explain the difference between both languages?
  2. Which language is better: C and C++? Do you think C++ is the advanced version of C?
  3. Explain the different features of C++ which is better than C language?
  4. Name the same operators and commands used in C and C++?
  5. Explain the advantages of C++ over C language? Can you compile a small program in C and C++?
  6. How do you obtain output from C++ program? What is the use of printf(“”%d)?
  7. State any two differences between C and C++ structure? Does Object Oriented Programming languages are related to C?
  8. What is vector and array? Can you use array with same methods in C and C++ programming languages?
  9. Explain inline functions? What is stream?
  10. What are constructors and destructors? How do you implement them in C language?
  11. Discuss the differences between malloc and calloc? What is the use of RTTI?
  12. How can you write multi-threaded application in C++ programming?