Kony labs c++ interview questions

Kony labs interview questions
Hi All i am Rama krishna  i attended Kony labs interview in hyderabad I felt Interview like a english class hahaha and the interviewr is like ,I know every thing you dont know any thing like , i am not blaming any one sorry its fact...below are the questions asked apart from my resume correction,when writing code correcting my spelling mistakes...

1) If you want to use c code in c++ how you will use it?
  extern is the key word as per my knowledge,he says in expilcit decide which is correct 
2) Gave a binary tree asked question to count single incomplete binary nodes?
Wrote the code no arguments
3) Copy constructor ?
Compiler provides a default copy constructor i told this he(interviewer) says no its completely wrong ? which is correct you decide as per my knowledge compiler provides a default copy constructor ? he says he know it dosent provide we need to write? i tried to explain deep and shallow copy but he did hear my words visitor you please decide ...hahah
4)Assignment operater ?
Same argument in case of default assignment operator
5) What are signals and slots in QT?
6) What are events in QT? difference between signals and slots vs Events?

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