Hibernate interview questions and answers

 Hibernate interview questions and answers
1. What’s Hibernate?
2. What is ORM?
3. How properties of a class are mapped to the columns of a database table in Hibernate?
4. What’s the usage of Configuration Interface in hibernate?
5. How can we use new custom interfaces to enhance functionality of built-in interfaces of hibernate?
6. Should all the mapping files of hibernate have .hbm.xml extension to work properly?
7. How do we create session factory in hibernate?
8. What are POJOs and what’s their significance?
9. What’s HQL?
10. How can we invoke stored procedures in hibernate?
11. What is criteria API?
12. What are the benefits of using Hibernate template?
13. How can we see hibernate generated SQL on console?
14. What are the two types of collections in hibernate?
15. What’s the difference between session.save() and session.saveOrUpdate() methods in hibernate?
16. What the benefits are of hibernate over JDBC?
17. How can we get hibernate statistics?
18. What is transient instance state in Hibernate?
19. How can we reduce database write action times in Hibernate?
20. What’s the usage of callback interfaces in hibernate?
21. When an instance goes in detached state in hibernate?
22. What the four ORM levels are in hibernate?
23. What’s transaction management in hibernate? How it works?
24. What the two methods are of hibernate configuration?
25. What is the default cache service of hibernate?
26. What are the two mapping associations used in hibernate?
27. What’s the usage of Hibernate QBC API?
28. In how many ways, objects can be fetched from database in hibernate?
29. How primary key is created by using hibernate?
30. How can we reattach any detached objects in Hibernate?
31. What are different ways to disable hibernate second level cache?
32. What is ORM metadata?
33. Which one is the default transaction factory in hibernate?
34. What’s the role of JMX in hibernate?
35. How can we bind hibernate session factory to JNDI ?
36. In how many ways objects can be identified in Hibernate?
37. What different fetching strategies are of hibernate?
38. How mapping of java objects is done with database tables?
39. What are derived properties in hibernate?
40. What is meant by a Named SQL Query in hibernate and how it’s used?
41. What’s the difference between load() and get() method in hibernate?
42. What’s the use of version property in hibernate?
43. What is attribute oriented programming?
44. What’s the use of session.lock() in hibernate?
45. Does hibernate support polymorphism?
46. What the three inheritance models are of hibernate?
47. How can we map the classes as immutable?
48. What’s general hibernate flow using RDBMS?
49. What is Light Object Mapping?
50. What’s difference between managed associations and hibernate associations?              
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