Programming Knowledge

Basic Programming Knowledge:
  1. Having abundant programming knowledge is the key to being an outstanding developer, so it is the first aptitude to be examined during the interview. It includes understanding of programming languages, data structures, and algorithms. First, every programmer should be proficient in at least one or two programming languages. Interviewers examine the proficiency level of programming languages via coding and follow-up questions. Take C++ as an example. If there is a pointer parameter in a candidate's source code, he or she might be asked whether the parameter should be marked as const, and what the differences are if const is placed before or after an asterisk symbol (*).
    Second, many interview questions focus on data structures. Lists, trees, stacks, and queues appear frequently in interviews, so candidates should be familiar with their operations. For example, candidates should write bug-free code quickly to insert and delete nodes of lists, as well as traverse binary trees iteratively and recursively with pre-order, in-order, and post-order algorithms.
    Last but not least, algorithms are focal points in many interviews. Candidates should be familiar with the differences between various searching and sorting algorithms as well as scenarios suitable for each algorithm. There are many interview questions that are actually utilizations of binary search, merge sort, and quick sort algorithms. For example, interview questions “Minimum of Rotated Array” and “Times of Occurrences in Sorted Array” are about the binary search algorithm, and the problem “Reversed Pairs in an Array” is essentially about the merge sort algorithm. There are also many interview problems concerning dynamic programming and greedy algorithms.Four of the most popular programming languages, C, C++, C#, and Java.The most common data structures and algorithms are discusse later. appreciates your contribution please mail us the questions you have to so that it will be useful to our job search community 

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