Interview questions on java : Java interview questions

Java interview questions: Interview questions on java

Basic Java Interview questions
1)Briefly Explain JVM ,JRE,and JDK?
2)What are the important Features of Java 8 and recent release?
3)What exactly you mean by Java is platform independent?
4)Explain main difference between JDK and JVM?
5)Briefly tell the difference between JVM and JRE?
6)Which class is the superclass of all classes?
7)Reason Why Java doesn’t support multiple inheritance?
8)Explain Why Java is not pure Object Oriented language?
9)Why we have difference between path and classpath variables?
10)Explain the Importance of main method in Java?
11)Explain the concepts of overloading and overriding in java point of view?
12)Do we overload main method?
13)Is it possible to have multiple public classes in a java source file?
14)Java Package means to you and which package is imported by default when you try?
15)In java what are access modifiers?
16)Explain what is final keyword and static keyword?
17)Difference between finally and finalize in java?
18)Can we declare a class as static?
19)What do you mean by static import?
20)What is try-with-resources in java?
21)What is multi-catch block in java?
22)What is static block?
23)What is an interface?
24)What is an abstract class?
25)What is the difference between abstract class and interface?
26)Can an interface implement or extend another interface?
27)What is Marker interface?
28)What are Wrapper classes?
29)What is Enum in Java?
30)What is Java Annotations?
31)What is Java Reflection API? Why it’s so important to have?
32)What is composition in java?
33)What is the benefit of Composition over Inheritance?
34)How to sort a collection of custom Objects in Java?
35)What is inner class in java?
36)What is anonymous inner class?
37)What is Classloader in Java?
38)What are different types of classloaders?
39)What is ternary operator in java?
40)What does super keyword do?
42)What is break and continue statement?
43)What is this keyword?
44)What is default constructor?
45)Can we have try without catch block?
46)What is Garbage Collection?
47)What is Serialization and Deserialization?
48)How to run a JAR file through command prompt?
49)What is the use of System class?
50)What is instanceof keyword?
51)Can we use String with switch case?
52)Java is Pass by Value or Pass by Reference?
53)Can we Override static methods in java?
54) What happens if you remove static modifier from the main method?
55)What is object cloning?
56)Super keyword in java?
57)Difference between hashtable and hash map in java?
58)What are all the features missing in Java?
59)Write a program to reverse string with out using string buffer?
60)How do you check if two given String are anagrams?

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