SAP Interview Faqs

Is Session Method, Asynchronous or Synchronous?AnsSynchronous
What are the different types of data dictionary objects?
Ans Different types of data dictionary objects:
1) Tables
2) Views
3) Data elements
4) Structure
5) Domains
6) Search Helps
7) Local Objects
8) Matchcode
How many types of tables exist and what are they in data dictionary?
Ans4 Types of Tables
What does an EXEC SQL stmt do in ABAP? What is the disadvantage of using it?
AnsTo use a Native SQL statement, you must precede it with the EXEC SQL statement, and follow it with the ENDEXEC statement as follows:

There is no period after Native SQL statements. Furthermore, using inverted commas (”) or an asterisk (*) at the beginning of a line in a native SQL statement does not introduce a comment as it would in normal ABAP syntax. You need to know whether table and field names are case-sensitive in your chosen database.

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