SAP Technical Interview Question and Answers

How to define Selection Screen?
Ans:-Parameters, Select-options & Selection-Screen
What are Check Tables and Value Tables?

Ans:-Check Table: The ABAP Dictionary allows you to define relationships between tables using foreign keys . A dependent table is called a foreign key table, and the referenced table is called the check table. Each key field of the check table corresponds to a field in the foreign key table. These fields are called foreign key fields. One of the foreign key fields is designated as the check field for checking the validity of values. The key fields of the check table can serve as input help for the check field.
How to debugg a script?
AnsGo to SE71, give layout set name, go to utilities select debugger mode on.
How many maximum sessions can be open in SAPgui?

AnsThere are maximum 6 sessions open in SAPgui.
SAP Scripts and ABAP programs are client dependent or not? Why?

What are System Variable?

Ans:-System variables have been predefined by SAP. We can use these variables in formulas or, for example, to pass on certain pieces of information to a function module. How the function called by the function module behaves depends on the type of information passed on.

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