ASP .Net Interview Questions

1)How does ViewState work and why is it either useful or evil?
2)What is the OO relationship between an ASPX page and its CS/VB code behind file in ASP.NET 1.1? in 2.0?
3)What is an assembly binding redirect? Where are the places an administrator or developer can affect how assembly binding policy is applied?
  1. Compare and contrast LoadLibrary(), CoCreateInstance(), CreateObject() and Assembly.Load().
  2. What happens from the point an HTTP request is received on a TCP/IP port up until the Page fires the On_Load event?
  3. What are ASHX files?  What are HttpHandlers?  Where can they be configured?
  4. What is needed to configure a new extension for use in ASP.NET? For example, what if I wanted my system to serve ASPX files with a *.jsp extension?
  5. What events fire when binding data to a data grid? What are they good for?
  6. How does IIS communicate at runtime with ASP.NET?  Where is ASP.NET at runtime in IIS5? IIS6?
  7. Explain how PostBacks work, on both the client-side and server-side. How do I chain my own JavaScript into the client side without losing PostBack functionality?

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