Semantic Space Testing Interview questions

 Semantic Space Testing Interview  questions
1. What is configuration Management
2. What is change management
3. What are Severity and priority levels
4. What is Data integrity and Data validity
5. What are the browsers available and explain their versions
6. Is it possible that Quality variates project to project
7. What are GUI Map files and explain their Contents
8. What is Data base check point and why we go for that
9. What is the difference between the Client server application and a Web application
10. Does Winrunner Supports Web applications
11. What is process Management
12. What is an Error, Defect, Bug
13. What is Quality
14. Which version of Winrunner you are using
15. What is Build Verification and why we go for it
16. What is Defect density
17. What is Integration testing
18. What is Static testing and types of Static testing
19. What is Validation testing
20. what is Data driven testing and why we go for data driven testing
21. what is the definition of Testing
22. What is Sanitation Testing

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