ZTE interview Questions

ZTE interview Questions
1. Which Modulation is used in CDMA?
2. Explain all multiplexing techniques(TDMA/FDMA/CDMA)
3. Bandwith of one time slot?
4. Draw any communication model(GSM/CDMA)
5. CDMA Stands for :
6. Write all layers of OSI Model and briefly explain then
7. How may bits are in one burst?
8. What is difference between GSM & CDMA ?
9. Which of following connect two networks?
a. Router b. Switch c. Hub
10. How many slots are in E1 ?
11. Write about AM,FM & PCM ?
12. Frequency range of CDMA?
13. Which of following are not forward channels?
a. Pilot b. Sync c. Access
14. CDMA 2000 has data rate of ____________
15. Types of Frequency Hopping
16. Which of the two countries have square flags?
17. Which comes after gigabyte and Terabyte

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