Mainframes MVS Interview Questions

Mainframes MVS Interview Questions
  1. What is Mainframe ?
  2. What is System SW and Application SW?
  3. Clasify IBM’s Operating Systems
  4. What is Virtual Machine?
  5. What are the classification of MVS
  6. What is MVS/ESA ?
  7. What are the specialities of MVS/370 System?
  8. What are the 3 type of Memory available?
  9. What are the two type of Secondary Storage device?
  10. What is Channel?
  11. What are main characteristics of mainframe computers?
  12. What is Virtual Storage?
  13. What is Multiprogramming?
  14. What is Spooling?
  15. What is Batch Processing?
  16. What is Time Sharing?
  17. What is Logical Transfer and Physical Transfer of data?
  18. What is Direct and Indirect method of data transfer?
  19. What is Paging System?
  20. What is Swapping System?
  21. What is Fore-ground processing and Back-ground processing?
  22. What is meant Volume?
  23. What is meant by Unit?
  24. What is meant by Disk?
  25. What is meant by Tracks?
  26. What is meant by Cylinder?
  27. What is meant by DASD?
  28. What is DATASET?
  29. What is Label? What are the 2 types of labels?
  30. What is DASD Lable and what are the 2 types of DASD Lable.
  31. What is Tape Label?
  32. What is Volume Label?
  33. What is File Label?
  1. What is meant by VTOC and DSCB?
  2. What is CATALOG?
  3. What are the 2 types of CATALOGS?
  4. What is Master Catalog?
  5. What is User Catalog?
  6. Are 2 Master Catalogs available in one system?
  7. What is OS Catalog?
  8. What is VSAM Catalog?
  9. What is ICF?
  10. What is VDDS / SDDS?
  11. What is SYSADM?
  12. what are the DATA SET Organisation types available?
  13. What is Non-VSAM?
  14. What is VSAM ?
  15. What is PS,IS,DA and PDS?
  16. What are types dataset available in VSAM?
  17. What is EDS,KSDS,RRDS and LDS?
  18. What is AMS (Access Method Service)? Explain its 3 steps.

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