Nanny Caretaker Interview questions

Nanny Caretaker Interview questions
1)What Questions Should I ask a Provider or Day Care Centre Director?
2)How can I Tell Good Day Care from Bad Day Care?
3)What Types of Day Care are Available?
4)Where do I Begin to look for Day Care?
5)Do you have any Dietary or other Restrictions?
6)Can you Drive?
7)Do you Smoke?
8)Was the Applicants Childhood Stable?
9)What Qualities are you Looking for in a Family?
10)What are your Hobbies Interests?
11)These are the Job Requirements. Does this sound like something you can handle?
12)Personal recommendations from Teachers or Clergy Members. What are your child-rearing philosophies?
13)What are your Child Care Experiences?
14)Why do you Wish to be a Nanny?

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