TIBCO Rendezvous EMS and JMS Interview Questions

1) What do you mean by TIBCO RVD (Rendezvous Daemon)?
2) How does TIBCO RVD (Rendezvous Daemon) works?
3) What is the difference between Tibco RVD and Tibco RVRD?
4) What is the bus architecture and what is hub spoke architecture?
5) Difference between Tibco RV and Tibco EMS?
6) If want to ensure that no message lost by using Tibco RV, how do you achieve it?
7) How does Tibco Certified messaging works?
8) What will happen if you delete Tibco ledger file while your process is still running using certified transport?
9) What do you mean by transport? Do you make topic as certified or transport as certified?
10) What are the main benefits of using Tibco RV?
11) What is the fundamental difference between working of Tibco RVD and JMS Queue?
12) What is the advantage and disadvantage of using Tibco EMS?
13) What do you mean by subject based filtering or subject based addressing?
14) What do you mean by JMS Selector?
15) How does JMS Selector works?
16) When should you use Tibco RV and when should you prefer Tibco EMS?
17) What do you mean by durable topic/queue?
18) What will happen if you kill the Tibco rvd and your process is running?
19) Can you bind one service to same tibco transport in case of tibco RV?
20) What are the benefits and drawback of using tibco RV?
21) You have your GUI application and running on windows machine and server is running on linux machine? How do you communicate between server and GUI?
22) What are the advantage and disadvantage between TCP and multicast?
23) Which protocol tibco RV is based upon?
24) What do you mean by service, daemon and network in tibco RV?
25) What do you mean by remote daemon in case of tibco RV? When do you use remote daemon? What are disadvantage of using tibco RV remote daemon?
26) What do you mean by tibco RV (Rendezvous) storm?
27) What do you mean by DATALOSS? What are inbound and outbound dataloss?
28) What is tibco rv reliability parameter? how does it affect working of tibco rv ?
29) What is request reply messaging, in which condition we should use tibco RV request reply messaging.
30) What is difference between request/reply and publish/subscribe?
31) How do you find out whether tibco rvd is running or not in both windows machine and linux machine?
32) How do you find out on which topics your tibco rvd has made subscription?
33) How do you publish message on a topic and how do you receive message from a topic ?
34) What are Inbox topics?
35) What is tibco hawk?
36) How does tibco helps in terms of monitoring application?
37) How does tibco hawk works?
38) What are main components of tibco hawk?
39) What is ledger file?
40) When should we use file based ledger and when should we use in memory ledger?
41) How do you view message form ledger file?
42) What do you mean by pre registration in case of tibco RV certified messaging?
43) How do you ensure a message will not be lost between two process even if one of them is not up and running?
44) What are tibco advisory messages?
45) What will happen if a application tries to create a tibco rv transport and tibco rvd is not running on that host?

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