3g and 2g technology difference

Wireless interview 2g and 3g
3g and 2g technology difference?

  • Packet data speed is higher in 3G, and it is up to 384 KBPS
  • Voice and sms speed is also 384 KBPS in 3G
  • 2G utilizes different switching techniques for voice and data, where as 3G uses single switching, irrespective of data
  • 3G has at least 2MB of data link of a mobile, where in 2G the data rate is in KBPS
  • 3G has WiMAX facility for faster VOIP and internet
  • 2G uses GSM TDMA technology with narrowband 200Khz.
  • 3G uses CDMA technology with broadband 5Mhz, with same frequency carrier and time. 

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