Advantages disadvantages of 3g technology?

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Advantages disadvantages of 3g technology?
Advantages of 3G:
  • Overcrowding is relieved in existing systems with radio spectrum
  • Bandwidth, security and reliability are more
  • Provides interoperability among service providers
  • Availability of fixed and variable rates
  • Support to devices with backward compatibility with existing networks
  • Always online devices – 3G uses IP connectivity which is packet based
  • Rich multi media services are available
Disadvantages of 3G:
  • The cost of cellular infrastructure , upgrading base stations is very high
  • Needs different handsets.
  • Roaming and data/voice work together has not yet been implemented
  • Power consumption is high
  • Requires closer base stations and are expensive
  • Spectrum-license costs, network deployment costs and handset subsidies subscribers are tremendous.

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