Cts Cognizant Iphone Interview questions

 Cts Cognizant Iphone Interview questions (cinterviews.com thanks Sourabh for the questions)
 Hi This is sourabh attended Iphone developer interview on saturday 22/09/2012 ,so want to share my experience through cinterviews.com

1)What are the tools you used for iphone development?
2)Some questions on my project?
3)Please can you explain MVC ?
4)What are the design patterns available in objective-c?
5)What are delegates?
6)What is Property?
7)What is synthesis?
8)Can we compile c++ code in x-code?
9)What are the types of apps available in iphone?
10)Difference between native vs webapp?
11)What are the Thirdparty tools you used?
12)Can i extend memory in iphone adding microsd?
13)New feature in Iphone 6?
14)How garbage collection in objective c?

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