Prokarma C++ Interview Questions

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Prokarma Hyderabad C++ Interview Questions

I attended Prokarma C++ ,Pro *c interview recently i really didnt like the way interviewer interviewd as he is like why the hell this guy has come for interview and very rectlesly looking he want to show his knowledge than hearing the answers from us :) Questions were going like this
1) Did you write any shell script? Can you implement grep for me?
2) Did you write make files? can you write a make file for the list of files like this?
a) 2 library files
b)2 .h files
3)9 .c files
3) Why are you intrested in working with Prokarma?
4) Do you know Singleton class? Can you Explain?
5) What is the use of Private constructor? what is the use of Public constructor?
6) Write a Program in any c or *c or C++?
a) I have a table department which has empid,empname,skills etc dynamic coloumns i want to pick a third row (its dynamically growing coloums )
7) Asked a bout my project explaination? some questions on it?
8) Which editor you used for developing c++ ? why? appreciates your contribution please mail us the questions you have to so that it will be useful to our job search community

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