c faqs on pointers

1)What are pointers really good for, anyway?
2)I'm trying to declare a pointer and allocate some space for it, but it's not working. What's wrong with this code?
char *p;
*p = malloc(10);
3)Does *p++ increment p, or what it points to?
4)I'm trying to use pointers to manipulate an array of ints. What's wrong with this code?

int array[5], i, *ip;
for(i = 0; i < 5; i++) array[i] = i;
ip = array;
printf("%d\n", *(ip + 3 * sizeof(int)));

I expected the last line to print 3, but it printed garbage.
5)I have a char * pointer that happens to point to some ints, and I want to step it over them. Why doesn't

((int *)p)++;

6)Why can't I perform arithmetic on a void * pointer?
7)I've got some code that's trying to unpack external structures, but it's crashing with a message about an ``unaligned access.'' What does this mean?
8)I have a function which accepts, and is supposed to initialize, a pointer:

void f(int *ip)
static int dummy = 5;
ip = &dummy;

But when I call it like this:

int *ip;

the pointer in the caller remains unchanged.
9)Suppose I want to write a function that takes a generic pointer as an argument and I want to simulate passing it by reference. Can I give the formal parameter type void **, and do something like this?

void f(void **);
double *dp;
f((void **)&dp);
10)I have a function

extern int f(int *);

which accepts a pointer to an int. How can I pass a constant by reference? A call like


doesn't seem to work.
11)Does C even have ``pass by reference''?
12)I've seen different syntax used for calling functions via pointers. What's the story?
13)What's the total generic pointer type? My compiler complained when I tried to stuff function pointers into a void *.
14)How are integers converted to and from pointers? Can I temporarily stuff an integer into a pointer, or vice versa?
15)How do I convert an int to a char *? I tried a cast, but it's not working.
16)What's wrong with this declaration?

char* p1, p2;

I get errors when I try to use p2.
17)What are ``near'' and ``far'' pointers?

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