What does static variable mean?

What does static variable mean?

There are 3 main uses for the static.

1. If you declare within a function:
It retains the value between function calls

2.If it is declared for a function name:
By default function is extern..so it will be visible from other files if the function declaration is as static..it is invisible for the outer files

3. Static for global variables:
By default we can use the global variables from outside files If it is static global..that variable is limited to with in the file.

Static variable sample program:-
#include  int t = 10;  


    int x = 0
    void funct1();
    printf("After first call \n");
    printf("After second call \n");
    printf("After third call \n");

void funct1()
    static int y = 0;  
    int z = 10;             
    printf("value of y %d z %d",y,z);

output :- 
value of y 0 z 10 After first call
value of y 10 z 10 After second call
value of y 20 z 10 After third call

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