What is Maemo

 Maemo is a platform for  developers willing to bring their applications to the Nokia Internet Tablets. These mobile devicesrun a Linux-based operating system on ARM architecture. The maemo software development
kit (SDK) is currently provided natively for desktop GNU/Linux distributionssuch as Debian and Ubuntu. The SDK can also be used in other operating systemsthrough a virtual environment.

It is simple to get started even if concepts like cross-compilation or
touchscreen user interface design are not familiar to the reader. Those familiar with
GNU/Linux, GTK+ toolkit and C programming language will feel right at home.
This guide is also a good starting point for software development for any platform
or device related to the GNOME Mobile family. As well as giving an introduction on
new frameworks, libraries and tools provided by maemo, overall design concepts for
this new generation of internet-capable devices are explained.

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