Bloomberg Telephonic Interview Financial software developer questions

Bloomberg Financial software developer Interview questions
1)Describe a class you wrote.
2)Have you ever used any designed patterns? If yes, explain what it does and how it is used.
3)I picked singleton so he made me explain what is private and public for this class. Why do we need a private constructor?
4)What is factory method?
5)This is where "virtual constructor" came up. He asked me if we can have one of those why and why not?
6)What needs to happen with a base classes destructor? (I think he was trying to get virtual destructors out of me.)
7)Why do we need a virtual destructor?
8)How do you list the processes on a linux system?
9)What is context switching?
10)How do 2 threads communicate/share info?
11)What's a virtual table?
12)Given map, hash table and linked list, which one is the fastest for seaching?(seach complexity)
13)How does a hash table work?
14)How does map work?

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