Software Engineering Skills Interview Questions

Software Engineering Skills Interview Questions
1. What is Object Oriented Design? What are the benefits and drawbacks?
2. What is the Agile software philosophy?
3. What is the Lean software philosophy?
4. Have you looked at "Domain Driven Design"?
5. What are the benefits of Dependency Injection?
6. What books have you read on software engineering that you thought were good?
7. What are the really important aspects of software development?
8. Tell me about your philosophy of database design. Database tools?
9. What are important aspects of GUI design?
10. What Object Relational Mapping tools have you used?
11. Tell me about the Model-View-Controller pattern and why it's important?
12. What is Test Driven Development and Design? Why is it important?
13. Describe some of the software patterns you have used?
14. How do you design scalable applications?
15. What is continuous integration?
16. What is the REST architecture pattern?
17. How would you design a solution to the following problem?Giving some problem?

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