Sybase DBA Interview Questions

Sybase DBA Interview Questions
1)List out the limitation on stored procedures?
2)Tell me the limitation of the Trigger?
3)What is difference between constraints and rules?
4)What are the steps involved in creating cursor?
5)Compare Rollback transaction and Rollback Trigger?
6)What is Demand lock and Dead lock?
7)What are the modes of transaction? And how do you change from one mode to another?
8)What is command permission and object permission?
9)What is Index Covering?
10)What is direct update and deffered update?
11)How will you minimizse the Lock contention?
12)How will you find second maximum value in a table?
13)What are different global variables ?
14)Compare 2 nd and 3 rd Normal form?
15)What is –I option in Sybase tools?
16)What is Phantom reads?
17)Explain Denormalization techniques?
18)Compare Subquery and Correlated Subquery?
19)Advantage of Stored Procedure?
20)Can I update view?
21)Explain about @@sqlstatus?
22)What is the disadvantage of CURSOR?
23)What are the Properties of Transaction?
24)How will bcp out the Identity column?
25)What is lock escalation?
26)How do I get the Duplicate rows from a table?
27)What is Checkpoint?
28)What is Distribution page?
29)How shall I simulate from level 0 to level 3 in Isolation?
30)Compare Join and SubQuery in performance?
31)What is ceiling()?
32)What is the stored procedure to view current lock and processes respectively?
33)Compare IN and EXISTS?
34)What is Rollback trigger in a Trigger?
35)What happen when we delete the table using Trigger?
36)What is the Drawbacks of Normalization?

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