Android Notepad Tutorial

Android Notepad Tutorial
This tutorial on writing a notepad application gives you a "hands-on" introduction to the Android framework and the tools you use to build applications on it. Starting from a preconfigured project file, it guides you through the process of developing a simple notepad application and provides concrete examples of how to set up the project, develop the application logic and user interface, and then compile and run the application.

The tutorial presents the application development as a set of exercises (see below), each consisting of several steps. You should follow the steps in each exercise to gradually build and refine your application. The exercises explain each step in detail and provide all the sample code you need to complete the application.

When you are finished with the tutorial, you will have created a functioning Android application and will have learned many of the most important concepts in Android development. If you want to add more complex features to your application, you can examine the code in an alternative implementation of a Note Pad application, in the Sample Code section.(click the link to see the notepad tutorial in dev forum

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