Quantitative analysis aptitude test on trains

The problems on Trains are same to Time & Distance. But incase of train, when it passes a stationary man or stationary pole , it passes the distance which is its own length.
And when it passes another train or plat form or a bridge, it passes the length of its own with the length of other train or the length of platform or bridge.

How many seconds will a train200metres long running at the rate of 36 km an hour take to pass a certain telegraph post?
A.10 seconds.
B. 15 seconds.
C.20 seconds.
D. 25 seconds.

Sol: The speed of train is 36 km/h =36*5/18=20 m/sec.
Required time to pass the post =200/10=20 seconds

How long does a train 240metres long running @ 72km/h take to pass a bridge 120metres in length?

A.15 seconds.
B. 18 seconds.
D. 25seconds.

Sol: Total distance to be cover is 240 +120 =360 metres and the speed of train is 72 km/h=72*5/18=20 m/sec.
So, required time is 360/20=18 seconds.

Two trains 360metres &240metres in length are running in opposite directions, one @50km/h and the other @22km/h. In what time will they be completely clear each other from the moment they meet?
A.20 seconds.
B. 25 seconds.
C.30 seconds.
D.40 seconds.

Sol: Total distance to be covered is 360+240=600metres & the relative speed is 50+22=72km/h or 20 m/sec.
So, required time =600/20=30 seconds

Two trains start their journey from Delhi & Hyderabad and proceed towards each other @ 80 & 95 km/h respectively. When they meet, it is found that one train has covered 180 km more than the other. Find the distance between Delhi & Hyderabad.
D. 2400km.

Sol: One train covers 15 km more than other in 1 hour in a distance of 80+95=175 km.
So, One train covers 180km more than other in 12 hours in a distance of 2100km.

A train over takes two persons who are walking in the same directions as the train is moving, @ 2km/h and 4km/h and passes them completely in 9 and 10 seconds respectively. Find the speed & the length of the train.
A.20 km/h,50m.
B. 22 km/h,50m.
C.20 km/h,60m.
D.30 km/h,50m.

Sol: The ratio between time taken by train to pass the persons is 9:10.
So, the ratio between the relative speed is 10:9.
1 part of difference is due to 4-2=2km/h.So in first case 10 parts is 20km/h.So speed of train=20+2=22km/h.
And the length of train =Relative speed with first man *time =20*5/18*9=50metres

QUESTION 6: Two trains can run @ 54km/h & 36km/h respectively on parallel tracks. When they are running in opposite directions they pass each other in 10 sec. When they are running in the same direction, a person sitting in the faster train observes that he passes the other train in 30 seconds. Find the length of the slower train.

A train after traveling 50 km meets with an accident and then proceeds at ¾ of it’s former speed and arrives at it’s destination35 min late. Had the accident occurred 24 km further, it would have reached the destination only 25min late. Find the speed of the train.
A.48 km/h.
B.36 km/h.
C.50 km/h. D.72 km/h.

A train covers a distance between stations A & B in 45 min. If the speed is reduced by 5 km/h, it will cover the same distance in 48 min. Find the distance between the two stations A & B , also the speed of the train.
A.80km/h,60km. B.60km/h,80km.
C.80km/h,80km. D.60km/h,80km

Two trains A & B start from Delhi & Patna towards Patna & Delhi respectively. After passing each other they take 4 hours 48 min and 3 hours 20 min to reach Patna & Delhi respectively. If the train from Delhi is moving at 45 km/h then find the speed of the other train.
A.45km/h. B.54km/h.
C.60km/h. D.64km/h.

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