Aptitude test on Ratio and Proportion-Written test interview questions

Ratio and Proportion Questions
A bag contains an equal number of one rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins respectively. If the total value is Rs35, how many coins of each type are there?

A bag contains rupee, 50-paise and 25-paise coins in the ratio 5:7:9. If the total amount in the bag is Rs430, find the number of coins of each kind.

One man adds 5litres of water to 15litres of milk and another 6litres of water to 12litres of milk. What is the ratio of the strength of milk in the two mixtures?

Two vessels contain equal quantity of mixtures of milk and water in the ratio 3:2 and 4:1 respectively. Both the mixtures are now mixed thoroughly. Find the ratio of milk to water in the new mixture so obtained.

The contents of two vessels containing water and milk are in the ratio 1:2 and 2:5 are mixed in the ratio 1:4. The resulting mixture will have water and milk in the ratio-

The sum of three numbers is 98. If the ratio between the first and second be 2:3 and that between the second and third be 5: 8, then find the second number.

In 44litres of milk and water the ratio of milk and water is 6:5. How much water should be added to the mixture so that the ratio of milk to water becomes 2:3?

A mixture contains milk and water in the ratio of 9:4. On adding 4litres of water, the ratio of milk to water becomes 3:2. Find the total quantity of the original mixture.

The ratio between two numbers is 3:4. If each number be increased by 4, the ratio becomes 5:6. Find the numbers.

Instead of walking along two adjacent sides of a rectangular field, a boy took a short cut along the diagonal and saved a distance equal to half of the longer side. Then the ratio of the shorter side to the longer side is:
(a) ½
(b) 2/3
(c) ¼
(d) ¾

Ajay, Bijay, Chinmaya and Dhananjaya bought a motor bike for Rs60,000. Ajay paid half of the sum of the amounts paid by the other boys, Bijay paid one-third of the sum of the amount paid by the other boys; and Chinmaya paid one-fourth of the sum of the amounts paid by one the other boys. How much did Dhananjaya has to pay?
None of these

A piece of string is 40 centimeters long. It is cut in to three pieces. The longest piece is 3 times as long as the middle sized and the shortest piece is 23 centimeters shorter than the longest piece. Find the length of the shortest piece.(in cm)
(b) 5
(c) 4
(d) 9

Fresh grapes contain 90% water by weight while dried grapes contain 20% water by weight. What is the weight of the dry grapes available from 20kg of fresh grapes?
(b) 2.4kg
(c) 2.5kg
(d) None of these

You can collect rubies & emeralds as many as you can. Each ruby is of Rs4 crore & each emerald is of Rs5crore. Each ruby weighs 0.3 kg and each emerald weighs 0.4kg. Your bag can carry at the most 12kg. What you should collect to get the maximum wealth?
(a) 20 rubies & 15 emeralds
(b) 40 rubies
(c) 28 rubies 9 emeralds
(d) None of these

A student gets an aggregate of 60% marks in five subjects in the ratio 10:9:8:7:6. If the passing marks are 50% of the maximum marks and each subject has the same maximum marks, in how many subjects did he pass the examination?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

A dealer buys dry fruits at Rs100, Rs80 & Rs60 per kilogram. He mixes them in the ratio 3:4:5 by weight, and sells at a profit of 50%. At what price per kilogram does he sell the dry fruit?
(a) Rs80
(b) Rs100
(c) Rs95
(d) None of these

The cost of diamond varies directly as the square of its weight. Once, this diamond broke in to four pieces with weights in the ratio 1:2:3:4. When the pieces were sold, the merchant got Rs70,000 less. Find the original price of the diamond.
(b) Rs2lakh
(c) Rs1lakh
(d) Rs2.1lakh

A man buys spirit at Rs60 per litre, adds water to it and then sells it at Rs75 per litre. What is the ratio of spirit to water if his profit in the deal is 37.5%?
(a) 9:1
(b) 10:1
(c) 11:1
(d) None of these

From each of two given numbers, half the smaller number is subtracted. Of the resulting numbers the larger one is three times as large as the smaller. What is the ratio of the two numbers?
(b) 3:1
(d) None of these

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