ATG interview Questions

1. What are the two methods in a component
2. Have you worked with repositories
3. Name 2 types of tables(primary and auxillary)
4. Have you worked on shopping carts
5. Name 2 types of checkout
6. Difference between Express Checkout and Checkout
7. What is BCC
8. What are custom dsp tags
9. Difference between droplet, FormHandler and servlet:

10. Difference between dsp and dspel tags
11. what is Nucleus
12. difference between dsp: include and jsp:include
13. How to implement shopping cart
14. What is the main formhandler you use for Shopping cart
15. what are the ATG component scopes(global session and request)
16. what are the Advantages of DAF
17. What is a Component
18. What are scenarios
19. what is a pipeline
20. Is DAS for high volume or low volume traffic
21. What are the performance issues with ATG
22. Why is eclipse used with ATG
23. Which is the IBM product used with ATG
24. What are derived properties
25. If you are given an application what are the steps involved in implementing it on ATG server
26. which version of J2EE ATG supports
27. Difference between Item Cache and Query cache28. What are different types of Repository caches
29. which are the handleX methods in
30. What are priceLists

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