Questions to Ask Hr during Interview

Questions to Ask Hr during Interview
# Why do you enjoy working for this company?
# What attracted you to this organization?
# Can you describe the work environment here?
# How do you describe the philosophy of the company or organization?
# What do you consider to be the organization’s strengths and weaknesses?
# Can you tell me more about my day-to-day responsibilities?
# How soon are you looking to fill this position?
# How do my skills compare with those of the other candidates you have interviewed?
# I have really enjoyed meeting with you and your team, and I am very interested in the opportunity. I feel my skills and experience would be a good match for this position. What is the next step in your interview process?
# Before I leave, is there anything else you need to know concerning my ability to do this job?
# In your opinion, what is the most important contribution that this company expects from its employees?
# What are my prospects for advancement? If I do a good job, what is a logical next step?
# Assuming I was hired and performed well for a period of time, what additional opportunities might this job lead to?
# Do the most successful people in the company tend to come from one area of the company, such as sales or engineering, or do they rise from a cross section of functional areas?
# How does this position relate to the bottom line?
# What advice would you give to someone in my position?
# What major problems are we facing right now in this department or position?
# Can you give me a formal, written description of the position? I’m interested in reviewing in detail the major activities involved and what results are expected.
# Does this job usually lead to other positions in the company? Which ones?
# Can you please tell me a little bit about the people with whom I’ll be working most closely?
# As I understand the position, the title as ________, the duties are _______, and the department is called ________. I would report directly to __________. Is that right?
# Can you talk about the company’s commitment to equal opportunity and diversity?
# Who are the company’s stars, and how was their status determined?
# How are executives addressed by their subordinates?
# What can you tell me about the prevailing management style?
# If you hired me, what would be my first assignment?
# Does the company have a mission statement? May I see it? Does the company have a mission statement? May I see it?

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