HP Technical interview for fresher

HP Technical interview for fresher
Some of the basic questions :
1) HP acquired this company in 2002. Which is the company
a)Compaq b)Dell c)option 3 d) Option4
Ans: a
2) what does 3G denote
a) 3rd generation mobile communication b) 3rd generation computer languages c) option 3 d) option4
Ans: a
3)an application program that is used by the users to get the inofrmation from the backend of some application like databases:
a) application server b)proxy server c)database server d)option 4
Ans: database server freshersworld.com
4) which of the following is not true about the e-mail
a) it can be accessed by a client program using POP
b) it can be accessed by a client program using imap protocol
c) option 3
d) option 4
Ans: I don't remember the answer but first 2 are true.
5) Some quesion regarding the company and who developed it ( the thing to remember is that Apple produce Macintosh computers).
HP Technical Test Questions:
1) IRC stands for ans) Internet Relay chat
2)ICQ stands for ans)--------------------
3)The protocol used to translate Internet address to
Network addressis
4)In some OS the option that the system provides to
communicate with
other process is
1)IPC(Inter Process Communication)2)----3)-----4)-----
5)VPN stands for ans) Virtual private network.
6)The time taken to transfer data from one place to other
place or
process within specified time is
1)Throughput2)Latency time 3)Response time 4)----------
7)The time complexity for which of the following is O(n log
1) Radix sort 2)Quick sort3)Shell sort 4) Bubblesort.
8)Which of the following is used pass the packets between
HP C Language Questions:
1)Which of the following can be used to print % to the
1) printf("\%");2)printf("\\%"); 3)----- 4)------
2)how many times the loop is executed
int i=3;
1) 3 2)Infinite 3)0 4)2
3) what is the output
int 1=10;
printf("%d %d %d ",i,++i,i++);
1) 10 11 11 2)11 11 10 3) 10 11 10 4) None of the above
z=x+++y;printf("%d %d %d",x,y,z);
1)----------- 2)------- 3)--------- 4)---------
5)In c++,
3)you cannot Overload new operator for a class
Void xyz(char a[10])
{int i;
1)10 2)can't say 3) 2 4)same as size of pointer.
7) Local Variables is stored in which part of the memory
1) register or heap 2)heap 3)register or stack 4)-----
8) which of the following can be shared by progams
1)Text Code
2)Data segment
3)heap memory

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