Baisic Network admin questions

Some of the Top Basic Computer Networks Questions, that must be Answered and known if you even think of attending any Networks/Network Admin Interviews.

  1. Virtual meetings on Internets are called………….
  2. LAN can be connected by devices called………..
  3. The bit pattern …………… is the preamble of 802.3 frame format.
  4. Basic SONET frame is a block of ……………. bytes.
  5. The amount of thermal noise is measured by ………………..
  6. Explain the Frequency Modulation.
  7. What is WAN and where it is used? how it is different from LAN and MAN.
  8. Explain single error detecting code with example.
  9. What is Flow control? Explain.
  10. Explain CSMA/CD Protocol.
  11. Describe Multitasking.
  12. Describe Service Primitives.
  13. Explain briefly PCM and its requirements.
  14. What is Concession Control describe i) Load shedding ii) Jitter Control. Under it.
  15. What is QoS?
  16. Token Bucket Algorithm is employed to prevent congestion. The capacity of the bucket is 250k byes Arriving rate of the token is 2MB/sec. if the maximum output rate is 25MB/sec, calculate the burst length in time.
  17. Describe principles considered in the design of network layer in the internet.
  18. Describe Address format used in Internet. [ With figure ]
  19. A Network on the Internet has a Subnet mask of What is the maximum No. of hosts it can handle?
  20. What are basic difference between IPV4 and IPV6?
  21. Describe Address Resolution Protocol, use diagram if required.
  22. What is the difference between Interior gateway protocol and Exterior gateway protocol.
  23. What is the function of ATM adaptation layer.
  24. Illustrate the phenomenon of Silly Window Syndrome in TCP.
  25. What is delayed duplicate problem?
  26. Explain Unicast addresses, Multicast adresses, and broadcast address.

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