Brain Teasers ,Puzzles

1)200lb of cucumbers was delivered to the grocery store and left in a storage room. The cucumbers contained 99% of water. After some time part of water evaporated and the contents of water in cucumbers became 98%. What is the weight of cucumbers now?

Think :- You may also guess how much money the owner of the grocery shop lost.

2)You have 2 candles. Every candle lights for 60 minutes. You have to find the way to measure 45 minutes.

Think:- No, you can't cut the candles, if that is what you are thinking of.

3)A snail wants to creep on to the top of the tree 5m high. During the day it can creep up 3m but during the night it creeps down 2m. How many days does it need to reach the top?

Think:- If your answer is 5 days, think again.

4)9 coins,one of them is fake. Use a balance to weigh them not more than 3 times and find the fake.A fake coin is not necessarily lighter.

5) Connect 9 dots with 4 lines . Don't cross the same dot twice.

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