A Different way to close outlook using email?

Hai i got this as an email from one of my friend check it?

The steps says you can close an outlook using email

Step 1.

1. Open Notepad
2. Type “tskill outlook” //without the quotes
3. Save it as closeoutlook.bat, in a secure location

Step 2.

1. Open Outlook
2. Go to Tool-> Rules and Alerts
3. Choose “New Rule”
4. In the “Rules Wizard” popup choose “Start from a blank rule”. Leave the default option of “Check message when they arrive”. Click Next.
5. Tick “with specific words in the subject or body”. Click on “specific words” at the window and type a text like “kindlyclosemyoutlook”. Click Next.
6. In the new options pane, tick “start application”. Choose the “closeoutlook.bat” file by browsing. By default it will show only *.exe files I the browse panel. Choose all files to view your file.
7. Click Next and then Finish.

Note: I am no expert in Outlook.

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