Guide to Unlock IPhone

PACAY by brasuco (newer)
unlock.pxl (included one is modified with the faster iUnlock)

All the files needed are included with this download.

Guide to unlock your iPhone:

1. Plug iPhone into iTunes - Wait Till iTunes Recognizes it.

2. Hold On and Home Buttons Together for 20 seconds until the Yellow ! Triangles Appears

3. iTunes will say it found an iPhone that needs to be restored, click ok and then click restore. iTunes will then download 1.02 (or check to see if its on your machine) and update your iPhone. Wait till its finished.

4. Run wInstallerGUI.exe and click Jailbreak (it will jailbreak your phone) - close wInstaller

5. Run PACAY's (CLICK HERE) activate.bat

6. Run ibrickr.exe and choose Applications (it may have you set it up the PXL).

7. In ibrickr -> Applications -> Install from PXL

8. Choose Unlock-fast.pxl

9. Let it do its thing. Your iphone lock itself when its done.

10. On the iPhone: Settings -> GENERAL -> Auto-Lock -> NEVER

11. Turn off iPhone Completely (hold on/off then slide the bar) - Turn it on again

12. Run the Unlock App.

13. Click Start

14. Let it RUN!!! It will tell you when it is "Complete"

15. When its done, Exit the program to the Springboard

16. Eject your simCard slot and do a Full turn off (hold on/off then slide the bar).

17. Put in your new simCard and turn the iPhone ON!

18. Run PACAY's activate.bat AGAIN (fix youtube again)

19. Run iBrickr again Applications-> on the RIght hand side on the iPhone thingie, click the minus next to unlock to uninstall it.


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