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Application Notifications

Once the updating process is completed, whether it was successful or not, some sort of feedback needs to be provided to the user. This can be done in several different ways, of course, but for this demonstration, I will opt again for using a Notification. Notification Example 1.1 is what the user will see if the updating process is successful. Notification Example 2 is what will happen if the user’s internet connection is lost (or some other circumstance causes Facebook to reject the status update). Notification Example 3 occurs if the user’s login is incorrect or has not yet been entered in the Settings.

Notification Example 1.1:

Notice again how I’ve used the same UI and have just overlaid it with the Confirmation note.

At this point, when the user clicks OK, the Notification will disappear and the current view will be returned to the main UI.

There are two additional methods of providing positive application feedback to the user while still remaining in the realm of “most excellent” maemo UI design.

Notification Example 1.2:

Notification Example 1.2 utilizes a similar method to 1.1, but provides a little more detail and one additional option for the user.

Now, the user can tap OK and be returned to the main UI (if they’d like to update their status again). Or, they can tap Close to exit the application (of course, tapping Close will trigger a Confirmation note).

Notification Example 1.3:

Notification Example 1.3 is subtler than the previous examples but still serves its purpose well by using an Confirmation Banner.

If you use this method, remember to code enough time for the Banner to be displayed on the screen so that the user can read what it says.

Notification Example 2:

In this example, tapping OK and Close will function the same as before. But, as you’ll see, I’ve added a third button called, “Retry.” This button will allow the user to attempt to send their updated status to Facebook again. When Retry is tapped, the Notification should disappear (showing the user the main UI again) and the Progress Banner should be displayed while Facebook Status Updater attempts to contact the Facebook API again. If it succeeds, the Confirmation note in Notification Example 1.1 should be triggered. If it doesn’t, then this Notification should reappear.

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